Wavlngth. is a producer, songwriter, creative director, and founder of Fruitful Records. He was raised in a traditional Filipino household in West Covina, CA. There was no musical background in his family, but Wavlngth. has always had a connection with the music his father would listen to on long car rides or on Sunday mornings while he would clean the house. His first introduction to music was in the 5th grade when he learned to play the saxophone, but that didn’t last longer than two years. Throughout middle school and high school, Wavlngth. discovered music that resonated deeply within him that sparked the idea of possibly becoming a producer. He eventually began making music with AB and invested in studio equipment that jump started their music career at the end of 2015. Since, Wavlngth. has released 5 mix-tapes, 6 EP’s, 3 albums, and 2 singles featuring AB.